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 Lace Frontals     Ruicher Hair Products Co., Ltd.     

Specifications of lace frontals:
   1) Made of 100% high quality human hair
   2) All lengths , textures , colors and styles                             
   3) Lace size: 13x2”, 13x4”, 13x6”, 13x8”,  or custom sizes
   4) French/Swiss lace. transparent , light brown , brown, dark brown
   5) measurements:


LF-001       Hair Type: Chinese Virgin   Hair Length:12in     Hair Color: 14#     Hair Texture: Silky Straight                Lace Size: 13"*4"              Lace Type: Swiss Lace with silk base 3"*4" , add clips
LF-002       Hair Type: Indian Remy      Hair Length: 10in       Hair Color: 4#      Hair Texture: 15mm  Curl                 Lace Size: 13"*4"              Lace Type: Swiss Lace
LF-003       Hair Type: Indian Remy     Hair Length: 12in      Hair Color: 2#       Hair Texture: Light Yaki                  Lace Size: 13"*8"             Lace Type: Swiss Lace with silk base 4.5"*4.5"
LF-004       Hair Type: Indian Remy    Hair Length: 14in    Hair Color: 1#     Hair Texture: Natural Straight                  Lace Size: 13"*8"            Lace Type: Swiss Lace add clips
LF-005       Hair Type: Indian Remy     Hair Length:14in     Hair Color: 4#     Hair Texture: Natural Straight                 Lace Size: 13"*8"             Lace Type: Swiss Lace with silk base 4.5"*4.5" , add clips
LF-006       Hair Type: Indian Remy         Hair Length: 12inch         Hair Color: 1#        Hair Texture: Yaki                 Lace Size: 13"*2"                 Lace Type: Swiss Lace


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