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 How to Order     Ruicher Hair Products Co., Ltd.     

1) How to Order Stock Wigs? 

  1. Please choose what you need from our stock list. Then tell us the Style No. of the stock units.

  2. We will offer the total to you.

  3. Please make the payment, you can choose one of our acceptable Payment Methods to finish
      your payment (Western Union, Paypal,MoneyGram or Bank wire). After the payment, please tell us the payment results.

  4. After receiving the payment, we will ship immediately by UPS Express overnight. you will receive the wigs
     within 1-2 days for USA/Canada, 2-3 days for UK/France/Netherland/Germany.

  5. After shipping, we will inform you the tracking No. .

2) How to Order Custom Wigs?

For the custom orders, you can order any lengths , textures, colors, styles, and measurements you want.
you also can put the pictures you like in the order form, we can duplicate the same wig like the picture ,
including hair length, texture, color and style.
You can place the custom wigs orders according to the instructions as following:

1.Please download our order form here, If you can't download it, please contact us via Email,
  we will send our order form to you. you also can use your own order form if you have.

2.Please fill out the order form carefully.
***Note: for the custom frontals, closures and wefts order, you needn't fill out the order form.
      you can send your detailed order informations to us via email.

3.send your order forms or order informations to our email, we will offer you with our best prices.

4.Please make the payment, you can choose one of our acceptable
Acceptable Payments to finish
  your payment. After the payment, please tell us the payment results.

5.We will start the order immediately after receiving your payment. ---
Shipping and Delivery

6.After finishing, we will ship your orders by UPS Express overnight, then inform you the tracking No.


Shipping Cost:            

Wigs Q’ty

To  Japan/Korea Singapore To USA/Canada To UK / Germany / Australia/ Netherlands/Italy/ Netherland/ Norway/Sweden /Switzerland To Nigeria

To   Trinidad / Tobago

1-2    (0.5kg)

$28 $35 $40 $70


3-4    (1kg)   

$35 $45 $55 $90


5-6    (1.5kg)

$42 $55




7-8    (2.0kg)

$49 $65 $85 $130


9-10  (2.5kg)

$55 $75









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